At AgVet Energy we are passionate about helping business become commercially clever about energy. With extensive experience of working with rural businesses to identify, evaluate, and implement energy efficient and sustainable energy technologies we have developed The Clever Energy Program.

Having gained many valuable insights from previous projects, The Clever Energy Program is the solution that allows those wishing to make the transition to a more sustainable business model for energy efficiency whilst staying commercially sustainable.

At AgVet Energy we work alongside you,  our approach is to integrate with you for the long-term to help you to achieve on-going Energy Efficiency.

With The Clever Energy Program, we start with you.

The Clever Energy Approach

Initially, we will take the time to understand your goals and objectives so we can ensure we tailor our program delivery to your specific needs. Following a series of diagnostics to identify the current energy usage we create a baseline profile and then build out a recommended approach based on what will work best for you with a range of opportunities and solutions to help get you Energy Clever.

The clever energy model

Using our 3 step model for diagnostics, AgVet Energy are able to first identify where you can use less energy, therefore reducing the waste in both energy and money to your business. Next we look at how we can help you to increase your energy efficiency and then how to secure the cheapest renewable energy source to suit your requirements. Once demand and waste have been reduced, The Clever Energy Program will continue to monitor and fine tune the opportunities. As your Energy Partner, we stay with you throughout the process and regularly re-asses performance so new opportunities can be optimised.

Through the program we can also assist with funding applications for grants will allow your organisations to assist in any investments in technology and infrastructure needed to establish Clever Energy Solutions.

The Clever Energy Program for Dairy Farms

If you are ready to get Energy Clever on your dairy farm or join our Dairy Farm workshop, learn more.

The Clever Energy Program for Schools

If you are ready to get Energy Clever at your school, learn more.

At AgVet Energy we focus on what works for you rather than just finding what’s technically or financially feasible.

If you would like to find out more and explore how we can help you please contact Gabriel Hakim.

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