The approach we take at AgVet Energy is the same successful one we use at AgVet Projects – working closely with our clients to deliver outcomes tailored to their specific needs. We are small, but nimble.  If your project will benefit from a broad range of skills, then we will provide a multidisciplinary approach – using our team of experienced professionals and extensive networks of individual consultants.

Even though the division of AgVet Energy is new we have been working in the energy area from when we started AgVet Projects, back in 2007.  And the recognition our results have attracted has been associated with energy related projects, with AgVet Projects being a finalist in the Regional Achievement and Community Awards 2012, winning the ‘Overall Award for Excellence’ and the ‘Product Innovation’ Award at the national Savewater! Awards in 2011, and being nationally recognised at the Banksia Environmental Awards in 2010.


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